My name is Mandy Connolly and I’m the founder and owner of izubee personalised gifts. I live in Clane, County Kildare with my husband Peter and my two little girls Isabel and Ruby. Whilst I am originally from the UK, my husband Peter is native to Clane. After meeting Peter and visiting Ireland, I decided that we would eventually move here because it has always felt like home! Soon after our daughters were born, we packed our cases and moved.

I have always loved designing and creating new things. When we moved to Ireland I decided to give up working in a corporate environment to focus on my little girls. By establishing and building izubee, I now have the opportunity to be a full-time mum (which is the best job in the world!) and at the same time help to pay the household bills (well, some of them!).

Izubee really is a family business! We all love to sit at the weekends and paint Wood Art shapes and work out how to interconnect names for Scrabble Art frames (which can sometimes be a challenge for all of us, especially the very large frames!).

A lot of people ask me why I call my business “izubee” and it is after my two little girls – Isabel and Ruby (with a few letter adjustments!).
I am humbled every time a new customer chooses me to design and create a unique, personalised piece of art that they will display in their homes. I am also delighted when existing customers come back to me for more of my artwork, which gives me great job satisfaction.

I have developed a product range that covers most occasions, but the beauty of my business is that, I can design something based on what each and every customer wants. So, if you don’t see a product that completely suits what you are looking for, just ask and the chances are I can make it for you!

Thank you for visiting my website.